Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Spam Interview with CNYCentral

I was interviewed by CNYCentral on the recent Facebook spam outbreak see the video and read the article courtesy of CNYCentral below...

Facebook is battling a cyber attack after hackers spread graphic, violent and pornographic images on your facebook pages. With more than 75 million users, that spam is spreading quickly.

SU iSchool student Isaac Budmen has seen it firsthand. It starts with a simple click. "It's a link that has a provocative title and my understanding is it's an application that goes in, messes with your privacy setting and floods your newsfeed with these graphic images."

And from there it shows up to everyone, but you. You tell us the images are disturbing. Many of you are sounding off on our CNY Central Facebook page about what you've seen. It's everything from inappropriate pictures of animals, to hardcore pornography and other graphic, violent photos.

Mike Fratto writes about security on the web and says this spam attack is different from others we've seen. "A lot of the spam that we've seen in the past is more along the lines of people trying to get you to buy something. This is more just a malicious attack, someone is doing this to harass," he said.

Facebook is now fighting back and says most of the material has been removed.

In the meantime, you have to protect yourself. Perhaps most important, be careful what you click on and be wary of links that look suspicious.

Also, closely manage your account security, and application settings so you are protected.

Make sure your browser, like Firefox or internet explorer, is up to date and has adequate security settings.

And when you see something offensive, report it, so Facebook officials can take it down.