Friday, October 7, 2011

#WTBI: Exponential (Potential) Awesomeness

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Pitches have started rolling in and ideas are making their first few steps as possible startup opportunities. Some of the ideas will make you bubble with excitement while some maybe should be buried where they currently lie. Some are off-the-wall, drop-you-on-your-head zany while others are practical, sensible, and utilitarian at heart.

What they all have in common is the paths they will ultimately take are still hidden behind the fog of the future and any and all of them have the potential to make millions or come plummeting down like a meteor from the sky. You decide.


A bike sharing service like the ones that exist in Europe specifically developed for campus communities. One would register through the school website such as MySlice & student IDs would work to unlock the bikes and identify who is using that bike at any given moment. They would also indicate and the amount of time the bike is used. There would be stations all around campus and maybe in other popular locations ( i.e. In Syracuse: Downtown, Tops area, Wescott area, etc.) There would be an App that would work alongside this system to inform students if the bike station is full.

When's Lunch?

The first couple weeks of every semester can be a hectic time. Everyone is busy learning their new schedules and finding books. Scheduling lunch with friends can be a frustrating pain. How can you easily find times/places to eat lunch with all of your friends?The solution is simple. It's called "When's Lunch?" How it works is you upload your class/work schedule to the website. The site then creates a unique profile badge symbolizing your schedule. When your friends upload their schedules, the site's algorithm compares it to yours and generates a list of available times and places where lunch between friends would be most compatible. You will be able to tweak the settings to allow for >30min, >45min, or >1hour lunches. Also, it will accounts for location, giving you the closest eateries at the top of the list & multiple friends will be compare lists to allow for group lunches.

Long distance relationships are difficult. However given the surplus of communication technology they shouldn't be so hard. Connexus is a platform that helps people trying survive a long distance relationship by giving them the tools and opportunities to have shared experiences and be more intimate allowing them to feel a better sense of togetherness even if they are not.

My Ex's Sh*t

When you go through a break-up, it's not easy to get rid of things that he or she gave you. These things are a constant tangible reminder of a very difficult emotional to cope with. Why not trade your ex's stuff for someone else's ex's stuff online while telling the hilarious stories behind them? In comes My Ex's Sh*t, which will allow the user to post their ex's stuff under different categories of heartbreak, for example, "Cheaters", "Fallen out of love", or "Found someone else" and tell the story behind it. Not only do you find healing through laughter at your ex's expense and the company of others but you also can get some really cool trophies from your trading.

Redbox for Water

Similar to redbox, this service is a way to purchase disposable "mobile" water bottles for cheap. Consumers could redeem bottles from our water "vending machines" with their credit card for a minimal fee of either 50 cents, or possibly FREE. If the bottle isn't returned within twenty four hours, standard rates would apply and the consumer is charged between 3 and 4 dollars for their purchase. Vending machines would be frequently located throughout cities, making it possible for consumers to easily purchase and return their bottle.

Teams are forming around these ideas and everyday new ideas are bubbling to the surface. So what do you think? Is there some potential awesomeness on hand already? Stay tuned, apps are being built, resources pulled, and disruption in every sense of the world is bound to come spewing out of #WTBI very soon.

Editor’s Note: Isaac Budmen (@ibudmen) is an employee, Senior Policy Studies Major at @SyracuseU, and Founder of