Friday, September 30, 2011

#WTBI: Is a “New-Thought” Already Expired?

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Life moves fast and with developments in technology, more specifically, mobile communication technologies, life is accelerated to a speed that sometimes can feel incomprehensible. This leads me to pose the question: "By living and thinking in the present day, the here and now, are we actually living and thinking in the past?"

One of the more recent #WTBI class' gave us some insight into this question...

One entrepreneurial student pitched idea of installing wireless mobile device chargers (e.g. Powermat Products) across campus. Makes sense, we are increasingly so a very much mobile society, we all have multiple devices that somehow always seem to run out of juice at the wrong time.

Very quickly the class decided that this wasn't a feasible endeavor the technology is still too bulky, expensive and unreliable at this stage in it's development to be installed campus-wide.

So as the class began to iterate the idea, different iterations of the solution to how to charge mobile devices when on the go began to develop.

Solar, biomechanical and thermal power were all discussed, debated and ruminated on as potential charging options, meanwhile, as these iterations of the idea continued to surface @MDEredita was Google searching each one on the big screen.

As it turned out all of the technologies which we, the class, thought to be novel, innovative and yet-to-be-done not only already existed but had been in existence and on the market as early 2008. Which, to put in context, in the world of technology is ancient history. Put it this way in 2008 the first iPhone had just been released, Mac OS X Leopard was the next big thing, the Nintendo Wii was shaking up the gaming world, and the Segway was still supposed to be the future of urban transportation. Needless to say we have come a very long way in a very short amount of time, like I said: "Life moves fast."

Mike spoke up loud as he addressed the class and told us "Always, always, always assume your idea is already being done somewhere" he continued... "Use your resources' do the background research! You might have the greatest idea in the world but I can guarantee you someone else has already had the idea! Execution is what makes the difference between a good idea a great idea. Researching your idea is part of execution."

Needless to say it kind of felt like the proverbial rug had been pulled out from underneath us.

This brings me to the question I posed to you earlier, "By living and thinking in the present day, are we actually living and thinking in the past?" I would argue yes. Technology, ideas, and startups are moving and developing at blisteringly fast speeds and if we don't jump on board that high-speed idea-development train, as a class and as future entrepreneurs, we will be left developing products and ideas that already have gone to market and come to bare fruit. Pitches are starting, teams are forming, and if you asked me this class is ready to jump on board that train at full speed ahead. Stay tuned for the for the first round of pitches as this train begins its high speed journey on to developing, what will hopefully be, some truly exciting innovations.

Editor’s Note: Isaac Budmen (@ibudmen) is an employee, Senior Policy Studies Major at @SyracuseU, and Founder of