Sunday, September 11, 2011

#WTBI First Weeks: Inside Looking Out

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"Ideas are worth nothing, but they can grow into something that, with passion, can become a job" - @MDEredita

On any given day on the Syracuse University Campus you will find students dutifully walking between classes and working towards various parts of their degrees. Stop any number of students on the Quad, ask their majors and you are likely to hear about several different programs ranging from varying types of engineering to history to journalism to management and business administration. However, ask them "what they are going to do when they get out of college?" and  you are likely to get a response along the lines of "hopefully get a job" or "go for a masters degree." The former is something worth pursuing for many people, but in concern for the later there is a group on campus that is working to change the culture, philosophy and the answer.

Many students are completely unaware to the existence of the Student Sandbox, the Startup Community, and the Technology Garden and the immense resources and opportunities they hold. What they are even more unaware of is that the entry way into this world of ideas, innovations and inventions is closer then they might think in the form of the course "What's the Big Idea?"

"What's the Big Idea?" or #WTBI (follow the conversation on twitter) is a course founded on the pursuit and development of ideas into careers, jobs, and companies. Using an online social hub called "The Vine" to discuss problems, needs, wants and grow possible resolving ideas into real solutions. WTBI provides the resources necessary for students to realize their ideas and dreams and make them into realities and in the process throws out the idea of "going out and finding a job" and introduces the idea of "creating a job."

During the first few courses we have been introduced to the concept of evolving and creating ideas through pulling, gathering, and developing resources. As the semester progresses I hope to bring you the along on the exciting adventure that this class will endure and follow the progress of ideas as they more from just that into, hopefully, tangible services, products, and businesses.

Isaac Budmen is an employee, Senior Policy Studies Major at @SyracuseU, and Founder of Feel free to contact or follow him on Twitter @ibudmen