Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvelously Minuscule Magnificent Moments

We see it everywhere, from commercials capitalizing on societies most recent medical condition, "beiber fever," advertising the latest-and-greatest 12G network and intellectual phone with multiple apps and built in turn by turn directions to keep you "on the go" and "connected" while getting you where you need to be. It's like a vortex of social commentary, toddler bathroom humor, and Einstein-esq marketing that we are rapidly and all too willingly wrapped into and frankly it's easy to get lost in this sea of megabyte and 1080p filled clutter. I know there is times when I certainly do.


So how do we find a solution, even if it is a temporary one, to what feels like an unavoidable and untreatable information overloaded influenza? Well, as Robert Brault once said (and every parent/teacher/grandparent/coming-of-age-movie in our lives said in one form or another) "Enjoy the little things"


Although wasting away a Sunday evening on facebook may be easy and about as intellectually stimulating as watching Rosie O'Donald and Charlie Sheen debate the particulars of induced pluripotent stem cell research on West Virginian Mosquito populations (now that I think about it, that might actually be a wonderful way to spend a sunday evening...) Instead unplug yourself from the social network grid and enjoy those marvelously minuscule magnificent moments such as closing your eyes and listening to the thunderstorm outside or   going for a walk and wishing everyone you see a good day or making dinner with your roommates or waking up a roommate from a nap with a fog horn. Whatever it is that gets you to take a step back, slow down and really enjoy just how wonderful the little moments can be when we don't have 6,000 different emails, tweets, and itunes updates running through our brains. So until next time go out and enjoy the little moments and remember to always keep your SWAG on.




A little moment I got to enjoy and share with my class recently