Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Degrees Outdoors = Salt Caked Roads

Worst part about the warm weather after Syracuse snowfall? Other then all the sidewalks in the University area temporarily becoming small streams and rivers that students must ford in order to get to class, where these capillaries of water and small rapids don't reach the road the pavement is covered in what looks like white chalk. However, it is not chalk but rather the remnants of the extreme amount of salt that CNY uses to keep its roads relatively clear when heavy snow decides to fall. This would all be well and good if it didn't get kicked up by cars speeding past me while on my bike, because not only does it make for a very putrid taste in my mouth but also leads to awful coughing fits if I happen to breath in just when a car flies past. At least the taste is something a little post-ride chocolate milk can't get rid of and hopefully I will have coughed out all the inhaled salt dust by the time I go to bed tonight. That's all I have for today; check out the sweet Team Budmen Sticker placement (below) which was the superb work of Steph Keefe. Till next time keep your swag on and be excellent.