Friday, March 18, 2011

Coxswain's Corner: Clemson Update Part 2

Final update from Sunny Clemson, South Carolina on our Spring Training Trip

MTV Cribs: Clemson Edition

MTV Cribs Spin-off from Clemson, SC with a couple Teammates

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coxswain's Corner: Clemson Update

Update from South Carolina Training Trip

Be excellent and remember to put that SWAG on.

TB Room


Team Budmen being represented at Big Tuna's House

Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday Voeckler Ride

Yesterday after taking two midterm exams in the morning, I decided what better way to relieve the stress of studying the past few days then to jump on the bike. Granted it was only around 40 degrees out and lightly raining, but thats like summer after the insane snowfall we had on Monday which resulted in the only snowday we've had since I enrolled here at Syracuse.

Earlier this week after watching French National Road Champion, Thomas Voeckler, power to an superb win in Paris-Nice I was inspired to do some reading on this individual, who is arguably one of the more interesting riders in the peloton given his tendency to surge off the front of the group and succeed while others would consider it suicide. The most interesting thing I learned about Voeckler was his approach to training is drastically different then many of the other big names in cycling. Unlike others who post similar results to Voeckler's, (ie. winning, races, stages and occasionally wearing the TDF yellow jersey) he completely disregards watts, power meters, heart rate zones and other mainstays of sport science; Voeckler's definition of training is: find out what direction the wind is blowing from and head straight into it.



Thomas Voeckler, French Road National Champion 2010 

Inspired by the audacity and nostalgia of the French Champions approach to training I decided to give it a try. So I made my way out to Jamesville and when it came time to decide which of the 3 climbs to take I took the one that went directly into the wind and proceeded to climb up hill into the wind for the next 45 minutes. I can say with complete confidence that it was the of most difficult and adverse conditions I have ever experienced. After coming home and checking out what the windspeed outside was I discovered I was riding uphill into 25-30mph winds the entire time, needless to say I felt pretty enthused after.I don't know if there is something to Mr. Voeckler's training style, I'll have to continue to explore it and see in what ways my fitness improves. Check out the elevation profile from my ride (courtesy of MapMyRide) and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on our training trip to South Carolina this week.




Keep your SWAG on and be excellent.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swag Saddle

Just thought I'd update you all on my most recent project that I'm undertaking. Planning on screen printing a new saddle for my bike that will hopefully end up looking like this...


Man I love that SWAG.

20 Degree Weather Riding

Video of the last bit of Ken's and my ride today in the sunny 20 degree Syracuse weather. I'll post the vimeo version later once it finishes uploading- till then enjoy, be excellent and keep that swag on.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Degrees Outdoors = Salt Caked Roads

Worst part about the warm weather after Syracuse snowfall? Other then all the sidewalks in the University area temporarily becoming small streams and rivers that students must ford in order to get to class, where these capillaries of water and small rapids don't reach the road the pavement is covered in what looks like white chalk. However, it is not chalk but rather the remnants of the extreme amount of salt that CNY uses to keep its roads relatively clear when heavy snow decides to fall. This would all be well and good if it didn't get kicked up by cars speeding past me while on my bike, because not only does it make for a very putrid taste in my mouth but also leads to awful coughing fits if I happen to breath in just when a car flies past. At least the taste is something a little post-ride chocolate milk can't get rid of and hopefully I will have coughed out all the inhaled salt dust by the time I go to bed tonight. That's all I have for today; check out the sweet Team Budmen Sticker placement (below) which was the superb work of Steph Keefe. Till next time keep your swag on and be excellent.