Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Weather Scones and 8% Gradients

Last Friday in Syracuse it was an unheard of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 17.77777778 degrees Celsius for those readers in Canada and abroad, and there isn't anything like warm weather that gives me a hankering to get outside on my bike. After months of riding the rollers and stationary bike when comparison to riding outside for the first time was like eating english muffins plain for 3 months straight and then finally enjoying a beautiful fresh out of the oven vanilla bean scone (for those of you who don't know Sconology is a hobby of mine; it basically consists of enjoying all things Scone related, You could probably call me a Sconologist). 

Given the good weather AzarKen and I decided it would be a superb idea to jump on the saddle and go for a ride! However, despite my exuberance for being back on the road, riding the rollers/stationary bike and running dome stairs does not make it easy to jump right back on the saddle and start by climb 8% gradients for a number of miles the first day back. Needless to say by the time we got to the top of our second climb of the day after fighting 28mph winds on the way up all three of us had visited, what I like to call, the pain cave: all of our heart rates were up around 180bpm, our legs were filled with lactic acid, sweat was gushing out of every pore and the 2 cups of coffee I had that morning were no longer seeming like such a good idea. One of our days groupetto members, I wont mention who, was kind enough to leave a good part of his breakfast on the side of the road (The kid's still got a serious set of pelotas on him though). Thankfully, as Sir Isaac Newton once stated what goes up must come down and as we stood at the top of the hill and looked out over the town with all the adrenaline pumping, we hit the decent and were flying down at wonderful speeds, thats always when the thought hits you "that climb was totallly worth it dude." Although Friday's group ride gave me that taste of spring that I've been longing for, ultimately, the big benefit is it was the kick in the rear I needed to push my training plan's intensity up a bit so when the 17 degree Celsius days start coming 7 days a week I can tackle the climbs even faster. Till next time be excellent, keep that swag on and check out the preliminary Team Budmen Jersey design.



**I know that teaching is spelled wrong inside the collar; the whole thing is still under revision**