Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Week 5 vs. Friday Week 6

As my previous updated pointed out last Friday I was able to enjoy the endorphin induced euphoria that the beautiful weather and riding with two of my good friends provided. Even though we came in from our ride covered in road grim and mud from all the melting snow looking something like this...


Ok maybe not quite as muddy as Big George is here but we felt just as badass. To give those of you who haven't spent an extended amount of time in Syracuse a view into how unpredictable the weather really can be whereas last week it was a beautiful and sunny 64 degrees here's what my commuter bike currently looks like parked outside of the Physics building...


A total opposite and very unpleasant view compared to the beautiful sunshine of last Friday. However, as I often say "You win some, you lose some" and living in Syracuse the unpredictable weather is part of the thrill of everyday life. Although, currently thoughts of warm weather, shorts and t-shirts is but a figment of SU Students imaginations only 2 more weeks and the team and I will be jumping on a bus and heading to, what is hopefully, sunny Clemson, South Carolina for a week. Be excellent.