Friday, January 21, 2011

Team Budmen: Put Your Swag On

So for those of you who saw my update from a few days ago you saw a couple photos of Team Budmen stickers stuck on a various odds and ends. The stickers are a very simple design that say "Team Budmen: Put your swag on."

You may be asking yourself "Whats Team Budmen? Whats Swag and how do you put it on?? Why did you make the stickers?" Well I'm here to address both of those questions...

Team Budmen, simply put, is my family's last name with the word 'Team' in front of it. So by definition it's Team and Family together, and rather then post my own definitions of these words, I thought it would interesting to see what definitions a yahoo-answers search would yield. Here's what I found after searching the keywords "Family" and "Team":

Yahoo Answers:

Question: "How do you define family?"

 Best Answer: "To me family means that they're always going to be in your life no matter what. Family means that they love you for who you are and will always stick by your side through thick and thin. A family will never leave you hanging. A family is a pack, a bond."

Question: "What's your definition of a team?"

Best Answer: "Together Everyone Achieves More"

I think these yahoo-user provided definitions do a nice job summing up what it is to be apart of Team Budmen. To be apart of Team Budmen is to be there for your friends, family and teammates and to share in their successes and help build them up and make them stronger in their struggles and help them to achieve their best together. 

To the second question, "Whats swag and how do you put it on??" 

Well "put your swag on" is my personal motto. To me it means to put on my game face in all facets of my life and to strive to be my very best. It means to work hard at my academics, my athletics, my job and to be a good friend, brother, and son. It's to offer advise when it's needed and to listen when listening is most important. It's the golden rule: to treat others the way I want to be treated. To "put your swag on" is to be your very best.

"Why did I make the stickers?" Because I thought they'd be fun to design and fun to stick on my bike, laptop and agenda as a fun way to remind myself to strive to always do and be my best. I'm humbled and immensely flattered that my friends and family are enjoying them almost as much as I am and are willing to stick them on their vehicles, laptops, cellphones and agendas. They are a fantastic group and I am very thankful to have them there helping me to "put my swag on" each day. And if you too would like a Team Budmen sticker please let me know!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Team Budmen

I am cooking up a post on Team Budmen for either later tonight or tomorrow but I thought I'd give you a preview while I'm brainstorming between classes. Enjoy!