Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brotherly Teamwork

Today my brothers and I decided that the snow on the ground was perfect snow in which to go outside and roll up some giant balls of snow. If you have never rolled up a enormous ball of snow before you are missing out because for whatever reason there is something satisfying about making a snowball that weighs easily a few hundred pounds more then you do.

My brother Peter and I started first while Daniel, being a good student, finished up his math homework and promised to join us. I started by just kinda pushing a lump of snow around and packing it in every roll as to make sure it didn't fall apart. As it got bigger and more ice and mud clung on it became more difficult to push and Peter joined in helping me push and the workload got significantly easier. For a short while. Then as the large snow ball (pictured at the far left in the photo) got heavier the workload yet again became quiet difficult. Peter and I then started working on the next one while waiting for Daniel. Thankfully he showed up soon after we'd begun on the second and both the second and third went up much quicker then the first had.

Although it may seem silly it made me think about how life is a bit like making a giant ball of snow: In life we start things, whether it be a a new major, job, or sport, and they can be fun and exciting but often require hard work. When that work gets hard or we get knocked down or that giant ball of snow gets too heavy to push any further, try as hard as we might to get back up on our own two feet, it is the support and teamwork from our families and friends that help to bare the workload and keep us going. On our own we'd only be able to make a snowball so big but with their support we can make those snowballs bigger and better together. Maybe it is the teamwork required to make these giant balls of snow that makes them so satisfying to make.


Happy Holidays!