Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Until next Movember

So today wraps up Movember 2010 and in that time I've learned many things and enjoyed many experiences with my furry upper lip. 

With the end of Movember 2010 I know we will all miss the warmth that has covered my upper lip and will miss the progress updates that came with it, however, never fear for Movember 2011 is only 335 days away! And next Movember is going to be a bigger, better and thicker Mo then even this year proved to be. Here are some final pictures of the progress we have made on my Mo this Movember...


A happy Mo'


My best Zoolander face

I want to say a very special thank you to all who donated the $195 raised for prostate cancer! That's $195 for Prostate Cancer research they didn't have before! 

So thank you to:
Aunt Zan, Uncle Tim, Jaque and Sean for being my first donors,
Grandmommy and Pop Pop for their generous donation,
Grandmom who sent me a check all the way from Canada!,
Aunt Annie, Uncle Tom, Catherine, Kelly and Kevin for their generous donation,
Mom, Dad and my brothers for their generous donation and support of the ugly caterpillar on my upper lip,
A special thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with my Mo' all month with so few complaints,
And thank you to Tracy Smith, President of the Syracuse Alumni Rowing Association, for retweeting all of my blog posts and spreading the word of my Movember endeavor!

Maybe tonight when I finally shave I will take a little video and get that posted too. Please feel free to check back on my blog for any of my future antics and insights that I may chose to share. Until then thank you for all the support Mo' bros and Mo' sistas