Friday, November 12, 2010

Riding a Bike with a Mo'

It was unusually nice weather today for the middle of Movember in Central New York. 

I almost thought there was glitch in when I opened it up and saw this...


Needing to see this for myself- I immediately went to the window, threw it open and basked in the warm air. I decided it was an excellent day for a ride and with no class today I had no excuse not to. So I went for a wonderfully hilly ride out to Pratts Falls which is about 15 miles away from campus (see map courtesy of Google Maps)


During the ride I enjoyed, for the first time in my life, not only the sensation of the wind in the hair on my head but also in the hair on my top lip... And boy is it wonderful! Yes, I realize that it's strange to enjoy the sensation of the beautiful breeze whipping across your Mo' at 35mph but it's (almost) enough of a reason to keep my Mo' after Movember is over. 

After I returned home and had already begun frolicking in the endorphin induced euphoria that comes with an hour and a half of suffering on a bike, I happened to glance in the mirror and noticed an array of road grime had accumulated on my Mo'. After the initial shock had subsided and I done some dissection of my Mo's contents I had found one very small piece of bark and a noticeable amount of dust from the road. Apparently simply wiping my mouth with my forearm during my workout was not enough to remove the dirt from this resilient Mo' and it thusly took a bit of shampooing in the shower to remove it all.

Whereas this would be a sign for most people that maybe growing a Mo' isn't such a good idea after all for me is only fuel to grow it bigger and better! I figure that today my Mo' acted as a metaphor, with it's resiliency and persistence holding onto that dust and dirt, for my attempt to keep my Mo' going strong, despite the disgruntled looks and constant urging by my girlfriend to rid myself of it, and to continue my fight against prostate cancer.

Another day and my Mo' teaches me yet another lesson. Can't wait to see what other adventures this Movember holds in store! Stay tuned for more updates and please donate to my page at Until then stay strong Mo' bros and Mo' sistas.