Saturday, November 27, 2010

Movember Day 27: The Movember Itch

Movember 27th is upon us and with it so is "The Movember Itch" 


Movember Day 27 Progress

Being three days from the finish of Movember- we are in the home stretch. However, with the finish line in sight two kinds of itches have emerged in my life: literal and metaphorical itches

Literal Itch: My Mo' has begun to irritate my upper lip during meal times or when working out or when talking with friends or family or even when sitting and writing up my latest blog post. It's driving my nuts, it's not so bad when I am working alone and can itch my Mo' in peace but when in public trying to discreetly scratch it enough to relieve the unpleasant sensation to a satisfying degree isn't so easy without drawing attention to the fact you are incessantly itching your 'stache. Although Chapstick helps, ultimately, it only seems to work temporarily.

Metaphorical Itch: I think the literal itch is causing the metaphorical itch because with the end of Movember in sight and the constant physical itching of my Mo' I cannot help but constantly think about the big moment in 3 days when I will lather up with shaving cream and remove the caterpillar that has grown across my upper lip. Thusly it has made me rather anxious to do so or as one could say its made me rather 'itchy'. 

Despite both the literal and metaphorical itches that my Mo' is causing for me I will stand by it fully till the last day of Movember and continue in my fight against prostate cancer. So as we make the final push to Movember 30th please donate to my page at and stay tuned for the closing chapters of my Movember Endeavor.