Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movember Day 24: Mo' Progress Graph

I know I've been slacking with the updates these past few days- between racing and wrapping up school work in the last few days before break I've been a little pressed for time, however, I have thinking up some wonderfully exciting ideas that I'll try to post this week.

Movember 24 Progress Update:

As Turkey Day (or stuffing/mashed potatoes day for those of us who are vegetarians) quickly approaches I thought I'd give you a quick update on my Mo


Mo' on day 24 of Movember 

The thickness of the Mo' is now such that when people see it they no longer have to do a double take to figure out or not whether I may have missed wiping my mouth after I ate or if those pitiful hairs on my upper lip were indeed my attempt at a Mo'. This development is a wonderful thing because as it grows steadily thicker each day the looks of disgust I receive go down and I have actually begun to receive some compliments!  Based on these observations I have made a graph, please see below...


So I figure I'm somewhere in the middle "full blown duster" and "few pathetic hairs" as given by the graph because I have begun to receive "compliments" but my Mo' has yet to receive "longing looks of desire", however, I am still receiving the occasional "look of disgust" - Ultimately I just have to hope that by the end of Movember I'll be able to work my way up the trend line to "Full Blown Duster" and "Longing Looks of Desire" 

Until then please donate to my Movember fight against prostate cancer at and enjoy turkey day Mo' Friends!