Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movember: Day 10


Ten days into Movember (see picture for progress) and my Mo' is starting to shape up and I can't help but have a few observational questions about life with a Mo'...

1. Is it just me or do I seem to be getting the stink eye more frequently from people as they walk past me?
2. Is it supposed to itch this much?
3. Do girlfriends always make this many excuses to not be seen with you in public? 4. At what point should I expect milk and other food to get stuck in it during my mealtimes?
5. Does 'Rogaine' work on the upper lip area?

Despite all of the disgruntled looks my upper lip has received (and most likely will continue to receive with added frequency) when people ask "Hey Isaac whats up with this disgusting mustache?" I don't waste a second explaining to them that the few feeble hairs sprouting from my upper lip are a symbol of my fight against prostate cancer and attempt to change the face of mens health.

So tonight 11/10/10 I begin my official fundraising efforts for Movember. So please visit my "Mo' Page" ( ) and donate. Every dollar I raise goes to help raise awareness, fund research and provide information on prostate cancer. So please help join me in this fight!