Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Movember Color Experiment

As promised I purchased the "Just For Men" facial hair dye tonight and went to town. 

Here is how the night progressed:

Initially I didn't really know what to expect. I opened the box to find the following:



- 1Mixing tray

- 1 Bottle of Color Base

- 1 Bottle of Natural Color Developer

- 1 Multi-Use Brush/Mixing instrument

- 1 Sheet of plastic to cover up to avoid dying skin or clothing

- 1 Step-by-step direction pamphlet 

- 2 $2 off Coupons on my next purchase of Just For Men 

- 1 Ad on "How to keep my hair looking fresh"

Being a male who was coloring the most testosterone filled form a facial hair then a fella can sport I tried to jump right into my kit in true male fashion: without reading the directions. However, I only got so far as to open up the "Color Base" tube and dab a little onto the mixing tray before deciding it would be in my Mo's best interest if I read the directions (I mean how am I supposed to know what the heck Natural Color Developer is anyway!?) So after reading the directions which ended up being surprisingly simple: Mix equal parts Developer and Base in mixing tray with back end of brush and then apply to Mo' wait 5 min. and rinse.

The result of which looked like I had smeared an obscene amount of peanut butter onto my Mo' It looked something like this:

(Warning for those faint of heart: Very graphic Mo' coloring picture attached below) 


During my 5 minutes of waiting for the dye to do it's job my thought process went something like this:

30 sec: "I look like I have peanut butter smudged in my Mo'"

1 min: "This isn't so bad I only have 4 minutes to go."

2 min: "Hey maybe if this doesn't come out dark enough I could give it a second go!"

2 min 30 sec: "I kinda wish it was peanut butter, I could really go for a snack."

3 min: "Hmmmm it feels like it's might be starting to burn a little bit"

3 min 30 sec: "Oh crap... It's definitely starting to burn."

4 min "This is really starting to hurt!! Is this going to sear the hair right off my lip??"

4 min 15 sec: "Ok how much longer must I suffer? 45 seconds fhew."

4 min 20 sec: "Ok thats been 45 seconds right?? WHAT- THAT WAS ONLY 5 SECONDS???"

4 min 30 sec: "WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?!"

4 min 32 sec: "That's it I'm washing it out!!!"

45 seconds later....

"Ahhhhhhhhhh so much relief"

As I emerged from dowsing my face in gallon after gallon of water I got my first glimpse in the mirror and what did I see? Something so magnificent, so majestic, so smooth it's comparable to a George Clooney character, and so mysterious it may be the cause of more speculation then the next Lady Gaga Album. It was a Mo' like I've never had before dark, full and completely visible.

Here it is unedited and unabashed my Mo' both before and after it's minor makeover: 


For comparison of before and after see Mo' Progress Day 16 Post below

Fantastic huh? Go ahead make it your background photo, I know I did. I owe it to you though readers, if it hadn't been for you I probably would have backed out of the idea to dye it but after making a promise to you all I couldn't back down. So thank you for sticking with me as Movember 18th comes to a close we only have 12 days of Movember left together so remember to check back for more progress updates and in the mean time please donate to my Mo's fight against prostate cancer at   Till next time keep the spirit of the Mo' with you!